Kony 2012

Kony 2012 A social campaign, thrust upon the world by its author Jason Russell,  to capture Joseph Kony has gone viral , gaining over 38 million views insince March 5th 2012 (just 4 days! ) However, the video has also drawn in a host of criticisms ranging from its finances to its fundamental objectives. The 30 … Continue reading

Zom Bits- Zombie Style Treats

Zom Bits After recently acquiring the special edition of Dead Rising 2 i have been relieving wave upon wave of poor and helpless zombies of their loosely connected limbs. In recompense I have decided to treat them to their very own personal brand of zombie style treats.

Assassins Creed 3 Revealed!

Assassins Creed 3 Revealed As an avid video game enthusiast and big Assassins Creed fan this is big news! Judging from the pictures the game will be set in the American Revolution. The releasing these Assassins Creed 3 Images is a standard industry method that is often used to generate discussion and interest before further releases. Ubisoft will be … Continue reading

Facebook Bracelets and other creative social media campaigns

Creative Social Media Campaigns  Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Foursquare provide a huge audience for marketers to talk to. I’m sure you’v seen the company group pages and the print ads directing you towards those groups but what then? All to often businesses fail to interact with their audience. However, not … Continue reading

Facebook Timeline Personal Marketing

Colourful and Creative Facebook Timeline Covers Love it or hate it Facebook’s new redesign, called ‘timeline’, is here to stay. We all at some point have to market ourselves so so why not utilise timeline? The new timeline features, specifically the image at the top, adds a more striking introduction to your page hooking your reader … Continue reading

3D Tigers and Moving Walls

Projection Mapping Marketing Projection mapping a new source of marketing communication that allows buildings to move, transform and communicate with audiences. By projecting high definition images onto the walls of building marketers  engage their audience with colours, sounds and even the story’s of ACDC and Vodafone. The whole event  leaves the audience gasping with disbelief all the while … Continue reading

Subservient Chicken

BK-Have a subservient chicken do it your way! 2005- Crispin Porter + Bogusky and The Barbarian Group Subservient Chicken has become the textbook example of a success viral marketing campaign, still number one after all these years. The client Burger King was looking for something a bit more creative in a bid to bump up their chicken burger sales. Burger King … Continue reading

Gears of War Tribute

Gears of War is all gear and no war. The story is pretty generic and the gameplay is the template for 1million other shooter games. However, what does make this game fun is the chunky, over powered guns… Iv always wanted to own one of the replicas (which cost between £100-200) so i decided to make … Continue reading

The branding of Inside the Birdcage

Re-Branding Inside the Birdcage In a move to become a more professional presence in the literary world a friend of mine asked for her site to be  re-branded www.taraalaka.com/ (otherwise known as Inside the birdcage) . To start with i looked through www.fontsquirrel.com (my source of royalty free fonts)  to identify a font that would be suitable for the brand. “Nautik” was chosen as … Continue reading

Halo Reach for the movies

Transferring successful and cherished video game brands to the big screen often ends in a big pile of steaming failure, with their original quality’s being completely lost . Prince of Persia, Mortal Kombat, Lara Croft and Resident Evil to name a few. However the marketing for Halo Reach has provided an interesting case as to what the Halo series would look like as … Continue reading