Lets Believe in Halo 3 : Microsoft's Halo 3 Advert

Halo 3 believe is an emotionally engaging and a creative marvel

The Halo series has produced some fantastic pieces of integrated marketing over the years. For the launch of Halo 3 Mcann Worldgroup and T.A.G produced a magnificently detailed and emotionally stirring 30ft by 40ft  diorama featuring an invasion of earth. What is even more remarkable and what differentiates the halo 3 believe advert from the rest is that it utilized no game footage, a feat which is not often replicated. The campaign made use of both TV ads and an online interaction of the diorama.

Other halo 3 adverts included old men reminiscing about the depicted war.

Needless to say Halo 3 became a huge success making $170 million in sales on its first day.

3 Responses to “Lets Believe in Halo 3 : Microsoft's Halo 3 Advert”
  1. Andy says:

    great article and the rebrand looks incredible!! although I think there’s a mistake with ‘making $170 in sales on its first day.’ shouldn’t that be 170 million??

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  1. […] Certainly if you look at the ads produced so far they are definitely not lacking in emotional engagement, a feature missing in many video game movies. A prime example of this is the below advert for Halo Reach developed by Legacy, the studio that worked on Iron Man and Avatar, which depicts an intense action scene, one that wouldn’t be out of place in a good movie. Previous Halo games have utilized the same approach with remarkable success, such as “Remember Reach“ or “Believe“. […]

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