Add Depth To Your Ad with QR Codes

QR codes (quick response codes) is the latest tool in the marketing weapons arsenal. These bar code looking squares have become a popular form of promotion due to their quick response and large storage capacity. QR codes act as a link between the business and the viewer and they have been used for coupons, storefront signs, adverts and even store fronts. They have become so big Starbucks have started using them for payment!

What are QR codes exactly?

QR Codes are scannable bar codes that, providing you have the correct reader on your technologically sentient smart phone, can connect you straight to a website or store. QR codes look a little something like this. If you asked around you would find that not a lot of people know what you where talking about. In fact, in a study conducted by Simpson Carpenter,  only 43%  have actually heard of or even seen a QR code, with a further 21% not knowing what they where for. The main problem of this being that marketers simply stick on the code and don’t explain what they are actually for or provide a proper tangible reason to use the code, instead of going directly to the site. This being said almost half wanted to see them used more often.

 Using QR codes effectively

There is an opportunity for marketers to develop and creatively implement this little piece of technology, otherwise we will have another bomb like this.

1. What is the purpose? Before implementing QR you should identify what purpose they will have. Will they lead to a video, a web store? will they be used as part of a larger ARG? or will they be used to gather emails and social media engagement? By having a clear purpose it will be easier to judge their effectiveness when reviewing the campaign.

2. Call to customer  Explain to customers why they should use this code. Just like when writing any ad copy you should outline the benefits of using the QR code. You may also want to give an alternate address just in case .

3. Measure the results With any marketing campaign comes measurement and analysis. Did the code engage the audience? did it achieve the targets set out? How long did users spend on the QR landing page? Answering these questions will give you a better idea of how effective the QR code was and whether it should be used in the future.

Some creative uses for QR Codes

Stuck for ideas on how to use the QR code? here are 50 different examples and some videos..

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