Is your brand Old Spice or New Spice?

The Re-brand of Old Spice 

Is your brand a shiny, new baby spice brand?  or could it possibly could  be a posh spice brand?  whatever the brand eventually they all become Old Spice. This is the very position Procter and Gamble found themselves in with their grooming product range called “Old Spice”. The Old Spice brand needed jump start into the modern age and it was  Wieden + Kennedy who would provide the shining stallion of viral marketing success.

The original commercial was released in the birthplace of amazing commercials, Super Bowl! From its launch the original Old Spice commercial, Isaiah Mustafa, has gained around 39 million views on Youtube after which came the next ad, with 29 million views.

What happened next? 

Things were getting serious, the campaign had boundless more opportunity, but Old Spice wanted something a bit more engaging. It was at this point Weiden + Kennedy devised a social media campaign that would truly bring the Old Spice brand into the 21st century. In order to have a more personal engagement with their audience the focus shifted to  Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and Isaiah Mustafa responded to questions live via personalised replies, a move fairly reminiscent of Burger King’s Subservient Chicken.

The campaign was then developed into a story whereby Mustafa would face off against the Italian male model Fabio Lanzoni, who initiates a challenge for the throne of best Old Spice. The  challenge alone produced more than 150 video’s over a three day period and 22 million views over one week.

The results 

In the end the campaign was a clear success. The brand had undergone a seismic transformation with its commercials gaining 5.9 million views after only 24 hours, its twitter following  increased 2700%, fan interaction increased by 800%, traffic increased by 300% and last but by no means least its revenue had increased by 107%. 

Old Spice Responses Case Study from Andrea Byrne on Vimeo.

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