Marketing The Avengers Movie

The Avengers Movie Marketing 

For many comic fans, geeks and moviegoers the upcoming Avengers movie is one of the most anticipated movies in 2012. With so many previous comic book movies failing to make the grade (anyone remember green lantern?) what has made this movie so different? What makes the Avengers movie (which ties in the movies of Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk,  Captain America and Thor) different is that has been teasing its fans for over 4 years through tantalising pieces of marketing genius.  It has incorporated no less than 5 movies, that develops each of the Avengers characters, all of which contain after credit teaser hints to the final Avengers movie.

Thor and Captain America Comic Con 

Apart from the end of trailer clips marvel ramped up the excitement  with exhibits displaying props such as Captain America’s shield, the Infinity Gauntlet (a hint to a possible Avengers antagonist called Thanos) Combined with heavy promotion through print ads and Superbowl commercials.

S.H.I.E.L.D Recruitment

Marvel also targeted their audience at the 2011 WonderCon by launching a viral campaign  centred  on S.H.I.E.L.D (a Marvel universe government agency). The conventions attendees received notes slipped under their door, a recruitment video on channel 72 of the hotels TV, A S.H.I.E.L.D car and various posters.

The results 

As well as being one of the longest movie marketing campaigns devised and the most anticipated film of 2012 the various Avenger movies has netted Marvel over $2.2 Billion since 2008.


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