Halo Reach for the movies

Transferring successful and cherished video game brands to the big screen often ends in a big pile of steaming failure, with their original quality’s being completely lost . Prince of Persia, Mortal Kombat, Lara Croft and Resident Evil to name a few. However the marketing for Halo Reach has provided an interesting case as to what the Halo series would look like as a movie franchise.

Certainly if you look at the ads produced so far they are definitely not lacking in emotional engagement, a feature missing in many video game movies. A prime example of this is the below advert for Halo Reach developed by Legacy, the studio that worked on Iron Man and Avatar, which depicts an intense action scene, one that wouldn’t be out of place in a good movie. Other Halo ads have utilized the same approach with remarkable success, such as “Remember Reach“, “Birth of a Spartan” or “Believe“.

Apparently a Halo feature film has already been considered, by the likes of Spielberg and Niell Blomkamp,  however this fell through due to various reasons, the full articles of which  be found at Joystiq and Eurogamer.

Halo ODST, the game before Halo Reach, also experimented with live action in their adverts with great success.

With the effort put into these ads, the demand from fans and the wide circulation of fan made movie clips a live action feature length movie would be a welcomed advancement for the Halo franchise. However if you can’t wait till then why not watch the animated feature film Halo Legends.



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