The branding of Inside the Birdcage

Re-Branding Inside the Birdcage

In a move to become a more professional presence in the literary world a friend of mine asked for her site to be  re-branded (otherwise known as Inside the birdcage) .

To start with i looked through (my source of royalty free fonts)  to identify a font that would be suitable for the brand. “Nautik” was chosen as most suitable font.

To create the logo i placed the font on a new, blank, canvas and played around with the positioning of the font. After positioning the word “cage” under the word “bird” from  negative space, around the two words, the image of an actual cage lept to mind. However, something else was missing so after some further pondering i noted that the word “bird” could be replaced with an actual bird.

The last step required turning that logo into a header for the website. The brand required elegance which led to the floral pattern and circle and, as the website is literature based , typewriters seemed like a suitable fit.


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