Subservient Chicken

BK-Have a subservient chicken do it your way!

2005- Crispin Porter + Bogusky and The Barbarian Group

Subservient Chicken has become the textbook example of a success viral marketing campaign, still number one after all these years.

The client

Burger King was looking for something a bit more creative in a bid to bump up their chicken burger sales. Burger King thus turned to Crispin Porter + Bogusky and the Barbarian Group to solve their dilemma.


These two companies collaborated to develop an interactive video based site that allowed viewers to control the chicken via written commands, you can still give it a go here, as well as a rather lackluster commercial.

The Results

The result of this rather cheap, crude looking campaign was quite possible one of the most successful marketing campaigns, in terms of website hist and exposure, in modern marketing. The website gained half a billion hits, 20 million unique visitors and Burger King was able to shift  a lot more chicken sandwiches.


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