Facebook Bracelets and other creative social media campaigns

Creative Social Media Campaigns 

Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Foursquare provide a huge audience for marketers to talk to. I’m sure you’v seen the company group pages and the print ads directing you towards those groups but what then? All to often businesses fail to interact with their audience. However, not all campaigns are guilty of this sin, here are 3 creative examples:

Axe Relationship Status

With the target of engaging their audience with only a limited budget Axe, The body spray brand, came up with an ingeniously simple, yet creative, social campaign.

By identifying their audiences tendency to brag about their relationship status Axe created a sneaky tool that allowed visitors to create a personalised relationship status. This amassed a great deal of curiosity and when the status was clicked users would be directed straight to the  Axe Facebook page.

Roxy Pro- Facebook Integrated bracelets

To promote themselves at Roxy Pro 2011 Orange emphasis the social aspect of the event by giving out Facebook connected wristbands.  These wristbands allowed event goers to share their experience live on their Facebook Wall and with an average of 4 scans per page and over 120,000 Facebook page views the stunt seems to have been a success.

Foursquare Billboard

Granata Pet, a premium German based pet food company, engaged their target audience while they where walking their dogs. By checking into foursquare Granata Pet dog food would be served to the dog, through a dispenser under the billboard. This fun, innovation and creative campaign engaged not only the dog owner but the pet themselves.


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