TED 2012 Ads Worth Spreading Marketing Challenge

Clockwork&Dragon Has moved to clockworkdragon.co.uk   TED is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to spreading ideas. It provides a host of free TED talks videos, TED conferences and competitions with the help of inspired thinkers and TED’s very own community. Their ‘Ads Worth Spreading‘ initiative was set up to recognise and reward creative, intelligent and thought provoking ads that people want to see and share with their … Continue reading

Kony 2012

Kony 2012 A social campaign, thrust upon the world by its author Jason Russell,  to capture Joseph Kony has gone viral , gaining over 38 million views insince March 5th 2012 (just 4 days! ) However, the video has also drawn in a host of criticisms ranging from its finances to its fundamental objectives. The 30 … Continue reading