Halo Reach for the movies

Transferring successful and cherished video game brands to the big screen often ends in a big pile of steaming failure, with their original quality’s being completely lost . Prince of Persia, Mortal Kombat, Lara Croft and Resident Evil to name a few. However the marketing for Halo Reach has provided an interesting case as to what the Halo series would look like as … Continue reading

Marketing The Avengers Movie

The Avengers Movie Marketing  For many comic fans, geeks and moviegoers the upcoming Avengers movie is one of the most anticipated movies in 2012. With so many previous comic book movies failing to make the grade (anyone remember green lantern?) what has made this movie so different? What makes the Avengers movie (which ties in … Continue reading


Valve Tribute Piece  In tribute to an unimaginably creative company that has brought me many hours of enjoyment i present to you my very own homicidal GLaDOS. She has promised to protect me and provide me with cake….

Is your brand Old Spice or New Spice?

The Re-brand of Old Spice  Is your brand a shiny, new baby spice brand?  or could it possibly could  be a posh spice brand?  whatever the brand eventually they all become Old Spice. This is the very position Procter and Gamble found themselves in with their grooming product range called “Old Spice”. The Old Spice brand needed jump start into the modern age … Continue reading

Add Depth To Your Ad with QR Codes

QR codes (quick response codes) is the latest tool in the marketing weapons arsenal. These bar code looking squares have become a popular form of promotion due to their quick response and large storage capacity. QR codes act as a link between the business and the viewer and they have been used for coupons, storefront signs, adverts and … Continue reading

Superbowl commercials 2012

Superbowl XLVI (46)  The Superbowl, the US National Football League championship , is probably the most watched show on tv with around 111 million viewers which is probably why on average it costs $3.5 million for a 30 second spot. However, the  commercials placed are some of the most creative and entertaining (at $3.5 million they would have to … Continue reading

Potato sacks and Portals: Portal 2 marketing

Portal 2 marketing 2011- Valve and various contributors In the wake of an exceptional game comes a down right masterpiece of marketing. Valve, the creators of the portal franchise, deserve nothing short of a diamond encrusted medal for producing some of the greatest games and most in depth marketing campaigns. The client Valve is a video game company that started with … Continue reading

Tribute to the I Love Bees Campaign

The year is 2552 and an AI named “Melissa” , originally a SPARTAN-II washout called Yasmine Zaman, is operating the stealth ship Apocalypso. During slipspace travel,after locating a Forerunner artifact, an enormous explosion caused part of Melissa to be sent back to 2004, landing on the ilovebees website. Sound Interesting? it certainly was to me. … Continue reading

The Re-branding of Clockwork Dragon

This is something that has been bugging me for a long time. Since i started clockworkdragon.co.uk i have tried to create a brand but so far i have just furiously mashed together colours and images in the hope of creating something palatable. However, finally after using the process gained through attempted crowd source logo creation ( a truly horrible experience) … Continue reading

Lets Believe in Halo 3 : Microsoft's Halo 3 Advert

Halo 3 believe is an emotionally engaging and a creative marvel The Halo series has produced some fantastic pieces of integrated marketing over the years. For the launch of Halo 3 Mcann Worldgroup and T.A.G produced a magnificently detailed and emotionally stirring 30ft by 40ft  diorama featuring an invasion of earth. What is even more remarkable and what differentiates the halo 3 believe … Continue reading